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CPI 260® Specific Competency Focused (Online)

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The CPI 260® Tool

The CPI 260® is designed for strategies related to normal adult development, with application possibilities in coaching, leadership development, and personal development. The assessment collects self-report data used to identify four ways of living (Innovator, Implementer etc), Level of Satisfaction, Dealing with Others, Self-Management, Motivations and thinking style, Personal Characteristics, and Work Related Measures.

The CPI 260® Assessment Tool

The developer of the CPI™, Harrison Gough, continues his commitment to improving and revising the instrument. With the release of the CPI 260 ®, a number of significant revisions make the tool available to you. In addition to reducing the number of questions from 434 to 260 items, the CPI 260 ® provides two reports:

Client Feedback Report which provides scale data on Personality Style, Dealing with Others, Self Management, Motivation and Thinking Style, and Work-Related Measures. In each of these categories are a number of scales that provide useful data for exploring everyday behaviors such as dominance, conceptual fluency, tolerance, responsibility, leadership potential, and many more facets of development.

Coaching Report for Leaders is a special report that combines CPI™ scale results for comparison with leaders from the database from the Center for Creative Leadership. This report covers the following Core Performance Areas of leadership:

  • Self Management
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Team Building and Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Sustaining the Vision

The Coaching Report for Leaders is based on the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) instrument as revised with the CPI 260 ®, with comparative normative data from the Center for Creative Leadership.

CPI 260® Summary Sheet

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Our CPI 260® Advanced Training Programs

CPI 260 ® Specific Competency Focused e-Learning Program

Using the CPI 260 ® in Coaching and Leadership Development: CPI 260 ® Masterclass (Online with Mentoring)

Effective January 23, 2010: CPP, Inc. changed the eligibility requirements for the MBTI ®, CPI 260 ®, Strong Interest Inventory ®, and FIRO-B ®,  as described below.

Please note that all customers previously qualified on these assessments will still be considered eligible to purchase.

Per CPP, Inc., the new eligibility/certification requirements are as follows:

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Educationally Eligible: Individual has a Masters Degree or a PhD in psychology or a related field; and/or holds state licensure or national or state certification in certain fields. 

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