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We will help you solve the following assessment-related needs:

Selectionidentifying and testing the most effective assessment tool for you to use in selection of talent.  We regularly assist customers in creating “fit” profiles following an appropriate job analysis and sampling procedure.  We will help you hire the right talent at the right time.

Self-Awarenessselecting the assessment tool to highlight the appropriate behaviors for your program goals is critical to your learning efforts.  We will assist you in analyzing which tools—those we regularly train or need to research for you—to help you make the most effective choice.

Development—assessment tools that provide comprehensive and mission-critical information for the development of the management team is vital to achieving long-term performance goals.  We help you identify the tool that aligns with your talent management objectives.

Execution and Performanceknowing what to do and doing it is essential to individual and organizational effectiveness.  We will provide a comprehensive talent management and assessment plan that aligns performance, potential, and learning strategies to maximize the strengths and address the development needs of the leadership in your organization.

Whether conducting a study for you regarding which tools you should use for selection or working with you to effectively integrate assessment into your talent management strategy, we will provide solid, scientifically sound guidance to increase your chances of success as a coach, learning specialist, or conslultant.

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In addition, we have the following special services:

(1) Tactical Support

We provide expert advice to maximize the effectiveness of and your investment in your talent management efforts. Our consultants have over 150 years combined experience across all of talent management in nearly every industry sector. We help you find solutions that will align your management capabilities to your business strategy for

Talent Identification Manager and Leader Development
Succession Planning Coaching Leaders/Leader Coaching
Team Development Maximizing Learning Agility
Assessment Protocols Customized Application Training
Hi-Potential Development Multi-assessment Linkages

(2) Consulting on Retainer — Affordable expertise at your fingertips.

Perhaps you need:

  • A shadow coach.
  • A second opinion.
  • A trouble-shooter.
  • An investigative team.
  • Shared lessons of experience.
  • Expert guidance without long-term commitment.

(3) Targeted Specialized Services

All of the following services are valuable to organizations whether delivered onsite or virtually. Perhaps you or your team lack specific experience or some of the critical skills needed when:

  • strategic planning: forecasting and change
  • choosing and administering new assessment tools and methods
  • determining the validity and reliability of tools and processes
  • coaching a difficult employee or senior executive
  • managing internal interference with your processes
  • assessing risks in development protocols
  • integrating tools and methods to existing development schemes
  • presenting a new concept up the chain of command
  • identifying and repairing a broken element in your model
  • differentiating the value vs. the marketing promise
  • justifying funding for training and development

(4) e-Learning Support

We can develop e-learning support for applying insights to all of the tools we support. For example, consider the most practical uses of emotional intelligence with the e-learning course "Emotional Intelligence: What it is and what you can do about it."

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