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How It Works

You become the certified expert by using our formula:

(1) Complete Topical Online Modules +

(2) Attend the relevant Interpretation and Application Workshop +

(3) Complete the Qualifying Exam =

(4) Certification and qualification to purchase and Use the Free Learning Community Network

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(1) Complete Topical Online Modules

Interactive modules that review:

  • Theory
  • Construction
  • Administration and Interpretation
  • Reliability and Validity

In each module, you will have a complete outline of essential ideas. You will also have an opportunity to download supporting learning guides and other materials to aid your learning.

The interactive web modules thoroughly review the technical content needed for qualification, and you are expected to learn technical content prior to attending the workshop. Please plan to spend 10-25 hrs (depending upon the program) on the web-based pre-work prior to attending the Application-Interpretation Workshop. Note that these technical issues will not be reviewed in lecture at the workshop which is dedicated to experiential exercises through discussions, group simulations, and case studies for "best practices" of applications and appropriate interpretation of the instrument.

(2) Attend the relevant Interpretation and Application Workshop

Our workshops give you what you need to learn for best use of the tool. During our workshop you will:

  1. receive your own report and experience an interpretation of the instrument.
  2. explore the special dynamics and best practices with the instrument and the underlying model on which it is based.
  3. review "lessons of experience" in using the tool and specific application strategies.

The workshop is focused on applications while the web pre-work gets the technical issued completed so you can maximize your learning experience.

We created our learning center with participant comfort as the A1 priority. Our chairs allow for maximum adjustment. Our fully equipped AV center allows for easy review of visual presentations. Our break area provides you with the comfort of home.

Our Winston-Salem, North Carolina training room is designed with you in mind:

Classroom experience

(3) Complete the Qualifying Exam

In some cases, you may have to complete the qualifying exam at the workshop. In other cases, you can take the exam online at Qualifying.Org at your convenience. All programs require the completion of an interpretation practice session during the workshop.

We are bringing you in, not screening you out.

Every effort is made to insure your success through this experience. At no time are you "out there alone" if you don't want to be. Use the web-based chat support to get your questions answered, or post questions on our instrument bulletin boards and we will get back to you very quickly.

For obvious reasons each module and each instrument is different. We have tailored the material to address these differences and to facilitate your learning given the differences in the instruments, their purposes, and their ultimate use in your work. So pace yourself, enjoy the exploration, and sign up early for your Interpretation and Application Workshop. You want to be sure to get your preferred date and location.

(4) Certification and qualification to purchase and Use the Free Learning Community Network

Post workshop: modules open to you, bulletin board to post questions, free community learning forums.

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