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About the Programs > Using the MBTI® for Hard Wired Leaders

Using the MBTI® for Hard Wired Leaders

Cost: $99


E-Learning Program

Using the MBTI® for Hard Wired Leaders e-learning Course

This e-learning course is for any user of the MBTI® tool who wants to explore how to use type with leadership concepts. For trainers and consultants, a special module is included for using the training binder The Leadership Advantage.

Hard Wired Leadership refers to the presence of all eight dimensions of personality type. The goal of this course is to aid in the access and development of all of those talents to enhance leader agility.

Benefits: You get an overview of the most up-to-date material on the core aspects of leader agility and personality type

  • You learn how psychological type links with the core dimensions of leader agility
  • You get application tips and tactics for applying the personality type for leader effectiveness
  • You will get a career flow map and development maps for planning appropriate type and leader development growth activities/experiences

Who: Any individual who is a seeking to learn the link between type and leader effectiveness

Program: This program is delivered entirely through e-learning strategies. You view modules, presentations, and download materials for ongoing learning.

How You Will Benefit (besides price, quality, and speed of learning):

  • Maximize your understanding of type and leader agility to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness as well as that of your clients
  • Apply "best practices" for leader development with the use of personality type
  • Discover how personality type and leader agility factors link to everyday behaviors

What You Will Cover:

Web modules guide you through:

  • Overview of Leader Agility and Type
  • The Mighty Eight (Functions of Type)
  • Type Patterns and Leader Development,
  • Application Strategies for Using Type to Maximize Leader Agility
  • A Look at Type Dynamics (and Why It Matters)
  • Using The Leadership Advantage binder.

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Cancellation Policy:

There is no cancellation fee for this program. When you register you have immediate access to the materials.

Special client-site arrangements:

Organizations seeking ways to train managers and leaders to build more agility skills and abilities should contact us for program consulting or delivery. Contact us for details: 360 629-6284 or